Be a Parent Not a Peer


Nashville Prevention Partnership is asking parents to make an active pledge to “Be A Parent.  Not A Peer.” Join the movement, ask others to pledge and help us spread the word!


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Enabling underage drinking is dangerous, not to mention irresponsible.  It can result in not only legal consequences, for both adults and teens, but can cause a variety of health risks as well.


Even if you don’t allow underage drinking in your home, other parents might.  Talk to other parents and openly ask them if this is a rule in their home.  Don’t let your kids spend time with enablers and don’t be one yourself!








What does Tennessee law say?

In Tennessee, it is against the law for a host to knowingly allow an underage adult (someone who is less than 21 years old) to consume alcohol on property the host owns or controls…

It is illegal for a person to give or buy alcohol for any minor for any purpose.


What are the consequences?

The adult enabler, who supplies or allows minors to obtain alcohol or other unlawful substances, can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor…

Enablers are subject to liability in criminal AND civil actions.


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